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The world of labels can be super simple or extraordinarily complex, depending on the container, the stock, adhesive requirements, graphics and content, and application methods.

But, regardless of your label challenge we’re ready to meet it — from a simple paper mailing label to an uber-durable polymer product label for when you really need something to stick. Whether it’s circle, rectangle, square, or custom shape labels, we have you covered.

Need a few or a few hundred thousand? How about help with design? What about meeting just-in-time delivery schedules? Give us a call and let’s work out the best solution together.

Shipping Labels & Packaging

Labels that are used to add delivery information. Shipping labels also provide a great space for branding and marketing. By adding your logo and some label messages to your shipping label, you’ll put a small but personal touch on the least personable part of shipping. Take full advantage of this usually boring space to promote your business.

Return Address Labels

An inexpensive shipping solution for small business.

Barcode & QRC Labels

The only solution for high volume shipping.

Packaging Tape

Get creative printing on shipping staples like packaging tape!

Decals For Business Marketing

Labels and decals are a great cost-effective tool for business marketing and sales. Add a label to a simple promotional gift like waterbottles. If you service equipment, add a decal to tell your customers when to reorder. Static cling labels can be used to show others that you service this building.

Water Bottle Labels

Our most popular sales & marketing label!

Servicing Decals & Magnets

Don’t let them forget when to call you next!

Static Cling Decals

Effective affiliate marketing with a purpose.

Product Labels

Whatever your product, it probably has a label. Does your label stand out? Allegra specializing in producing premium labels that reflect the quality of your product. We love wine and wine bottle labels, locally produced food labels, and labels to enhance quality packaged goods.

Wine Labels

Enhance your wine labels with foil imprinted & embossed labels.

Food Labels

Use transparent labels to hero your culinary creation.

Product Packaging

A great choice for that rustic locally sourced look.

Retail Stickers

Labels and stickers can be found everywhere in any retail store. They are used to update product tags and packaging, or as a means to enhance the store brand on promotional items like shopping bags. Creative use of in-store retail stickers can help boost sales and brand recognition.

Product Tag Stickers

Show additional info like discounts.

Retail Package Stickers

Add an attractive message to simple packages.

Shopping Bag Stickers

A cost effective alternative to printing bags.

Decals For Industrial & Manufacturing Applications

Industrial and manufacturing applications require ultra-durable labelling solutions. Our heavy duty labelling solutions include label material to withstand even the harshest conditions. Lamination will add extra protection against UV fading, wind or rain, scratches, and other wear-and-tear your decals might need to endure.

Heavy Duty Vehicle Decals

Perfect for saftey or service information.

Decals For Power Tools

Essential for rental or repair companies.

Decals For Hazardous Environments

When maximum protection is needed.

Window Decals & Wall Stickers

Enhance your indoor and outdoor space with attractive cost effective window decals and wall stickers. Adhesive choices of permanent, semi-permanent, removable, and static cling for different length of use. Decorating your walls with vinyl is a cost effective solution to enhance your working or living space. Allegra can help you decorate your space from concept and design to production and installation.

Custom Window Decals

100% or partial, one way or both way, see-through options.

Custom Window Stickers

Try frosted custom cut vinyl for that etched window effect.

Custom Wall Stickers

Artistic reminders of your everyday values.

Static Cling Decals

Reusable, self-applying, static cling decals.

Car Decals

Vehicle graphics give your business advertising on the go. We do complete and partial wraps, smaller vehicle decals, and cut vinyl lettering. For extra durability, we add UV protection and scratch resistant lamination.

Car Wraps

Stand out parked or on the road.


Essential company branding.


A minimal cost effective solution.


Easily removable for home vehicles.

Label, Decal & Sticker Design

Our graphic designers work with the many applications for labels, decals, and stickers every day. We’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t. We know what questions to ask in order to maximize the value of your labelling application. Discover how Allegra can help you with the graphic design of your labels, decals, and stickers. Make an free consultation appointment today!

Recycling Bin Labels

Using icons for clear ∧ quick communications.

Contour Cut Labels

Design, print, laminate, cut… perfect everytime.

Product Labels

Subtle, elegant, readable, product labels.

Vinyl Wraps

Wrap nearly anything, like this box!
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